Why Do I Need A Remedial Massage?

Do you suffer from any of the following health conditions?

Remedial Massage can be very helpful as a complimentary treatment to these conditions as it can rapidly activate the para-sympathetic nervous system. This is what balances out the sympathetic nervous system which is highly activated by the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses that are a common reaction to the stress in our busy modern lives.

Massage Therapy is a natural, holistic treatment for many common ailments that has been used by people for thousands of years. When combined with a good diet, regular exercise, restful sleep, good relationships and a positive outlook, remedial massage can help you to achieve your peak – be that a professional goal, a balanced home-life or just to look and feel great.

I have been practising as a bodywork therapist for over six years. My interest in massage started when I was working as a software developer and spending long hours working at a computer. I started to experience pain radiating down my sciatic nerve. Since I was in my mid twenties, this concerned me greatly so I began practising yoga, overhauled my diet and started getting regular massages. Through this combination, the sciatic pain was completely healed and I knew that I wanted to bring similar health benefits to others with massage therapy.

The remedial massage therapy modalities I offer are:

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