Massage for Headaches

Headaches are such a common issue for people. 15% of people in Australia in 1995 reported taking medication regularly for headaches and if you ask most people if they have had a headache before or even recently, the chances are they will say ‘YES’. Often times the headaches seem to come on for no reason.

What can Massage do for Headaches?

Massage can be excellent for all kinds of headaches though it is particularly suited to helping people with tension headaches since it is thought that muscular contraction of the face, jaw, neck and shoulders is a contributing factor and on top of that many people report that they experience more headaches when they are stressed. Massage is a great for helping people deal with stress. Massage can help people transition from a state of tension and stress to a state of relaxation and ease. Some people seem to require a longer period of massage in order to relax. In practice, I have found that for a full relaxation response, a 90 minute session is the best however a one hour session is still effective. Anything less though (30 and 45 minutes) will not achieve the full relaxation response for most people.

Are there any specific Massage techniques for Headaches?

Tension in certain muscles can refer pain to other areas of the body. This is the principle of the Trigger Point release. The trigger points that commonly refer pain to the head are located in the Upper Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) and the Suboccipitals. A good massage for headaches will take a look at all of these muscles and make sure to release as much tension as possible. Since applying pressure to these trigger points does recreate a similar pain that the person experiences when they have a headache, some people find they experience discomfort or nausea during trigger point release. There are ways to release trigger points with much less discomfort such as Positional Release so be sure to let your massage therapist know if you are experiencing too much pain or discomfort and they can try another way to achieve the same effect.

What else can I do for my Headaches to compliment Massage?

Here are some great ideas to help you with your headaches at home and at work:

  • Perform moderate exercise daily
  • Take an epsom salts bath
  • Spend time in nature and/or with pets
  • Practice Yoga and Meditation
  • Plan your life to cope with stressful situations
  • Pay attention to good posture
  • Consider a career change if stress has been your daily companion for years
  • See a counsellor
  • Ensure your diet is healthy

How can I book a massage with you to help with my Headaches?

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