Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common health complaints that I treat in my clinic. It is commonly chronic (has been happening for a long time) and can be very debilitating however it can also be acute (a short term passing pain) such as waking up with a pain in the lower back or perhaps from overexertion such as heavy lifting in an awkward position or with bad technique.

What can Massage do for Low Back Pain?

Massage is great for low back pain, be it chronic or acute. For an acute case, the massage can be for a shorter duration (i.e. 30-45 minutes) and will focus mainly on releasing the tight muscles and getting fresh blood circulating into the local area. For chronic pain, a series of up to five sessions is recommended in order to address the deep underlying cause of the pain. If your back pain seems to be coming from a more structural issue (nerve impingement by bone, degenerative disease etc.) then other services may be recommended in order to help resolve the issue such as  physiotherapy or chiropractic. If you need to strengthen any muscles, a personal trainer may be helpful.

Are there any specific Massage techniques for Low Back Pain?

Common offenders in low back pain are the psoas and the gluteal muscles. It’s very common for a person to tell me they have a sore lower back and when I start working on their gluteal muscles they realise that the pain there is even worse. Likewise with the Psoas – people don’t think to blame a deep abdominal muscle for their back pain but it is extremely common for the psoas to be chronically tight, pulling the lower back from the front. This is often due to sitting at a computer for long hours. The psoas muscle is slightly difficult to release since we have to access it though the softer abdominal tissues and clients can often find this quite uncomfortable but if it needs to be released (and it often does) then it’s best to just grin and bear it. After a few treatments you will find the discomfort of the psoas release will diminish significantly.

What else can I do for my Low Back Pain to compliment Massage?

  1. Keep active (unless you are in severe pain)
  2. Have your workstation assessed by an ergonomics professional
  3. Take frequent breaks from sitting
  4. For Tight Psoas: Learn a Psoas Stretch and do it 3 times daily
  5. For Tight Glutes: Learn a Glute Stretch and do it 3 times daily
  6. Consume natural anti-inflammatories such as tumeric, cloves, rosemary and EVOO
  7. Try laying in the semi-supine position from Alexander Technique for 10 minutes each day

How can I book a massage with you to help with my Low Back Pain?

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