Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger, more formally known as ‘Stenosing Tenosynovitis’ is a condition that affects the fingers. The tendon of one or more fingers has swollen and gets caught when trying to pass through the tendon sheath of the finger. The sensation is of trying to either bend or straighten your fingers and one or more will not cooperate. Eventually you may be able to straighten the finger and there may be a click when it finally straightens out. This can be worse in the morning as you may be sleeping with your fingers quite bent. This is most common in the thumb and middle finger though it can occur in any finger. As the name suggests, it is a common condition when a person has to repeat an action with their fingers over and over again.

What can Massage do for Trigger Finger?

Massage can be very helpful for Trigger Finger. It can increase circulation of blood to the area and thus speed up recovery. It can loosen any muscle or tendon adhesions. It can lengthen the tight forearm flexor tendons (since this condition is often associated with repetitive movements of the fingers, the forearm flexors are usually tight) and can release any trigger point in the forearm extensor muscles which have developed due to the tightness in the flexors. The activation of the para-sympathetic nervous system or relaxation response will also allow to body to health more quickly.

Are there any specific Massage techniques for Trigger Finger?

Cross fibre friction can be used on the problematic tendons to break up adhesions.

Deep tissue or myofascial release can be used on the forearm flexor muscles as can pin and stretch.

Trigger point can be used on the forearm extensor muscles.

What else can I do for my Trigger Finger to compliment Massage?

Here are some great ideas to help you with your trigger finger at home and at work:

  • Take a 2-3 week break from the repetitive motions you are performing
  • Use a finger splint (these can be designed so that you can still perform your daily functions)
  • Book a 30 minute remedial massage (Go three times, once every four days and monitor for improvement)
  • Consume natural anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh turmeric, cloves, ginger, rosemary and Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil
  • As a second last resort, ask your GP for a steroid injection (This helps 90% of cases)
  • As the last resort, surgery can be used to correct the issue

How can I book a massage with you to help with my Trigger Finger?

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