Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is definitely one of my favourite massage techniques because it can achieve profound and deep release (muscular release and potentially emotional/psychological release) without the greater discomfort and physical effort associated with deep tissue massage.

So, what is fascia? Fascia is a connective tissue found in the body that is so interwoven into the bodily tissues that if it was possible to remove the fascia of a body intact, it would still resemble the overall shape of the body even with all the bones, muscles and organs missing. The interest in working with fascia has been rising greatly in body working circles for several reasons. Firstly, it seems to be a fundamental attribute of posture an function, Secondly it can be worked with without the same level of force that practitioners may be used to using with deep tissue massage and Lastly because many of the dysfunctions of the body, such as trigger points can be seen as a more superficial symptom of a deeper fascial dysfunction. The idea being that if the underlying fascial dysfunction is correctly, the trigger point will no longer arise as they have been treated at the root of the dysfunction.

Myofascial Release comes in two main forms. Firstly, the Barnes method which works in a more superficial way with the soft tissues and the Myers method which stresses a holistic approach to treatment with an assessment of the body based on certain established ‘Anatomy Trains’ and then application of deeper, more invasive techniques in order to rebalance the main fascial slings of the body.

The Barnes method is generally extremely relaxing and would suit those that like a gentler massage and enjoy an almost ‘energy work’ style approach whilst the Myers method would suit those that believe that some discomfort is necessary to genuinely modify the fascial structure of the body.

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