The Psoas Muscle

General information about the Psoas

The psoas is the deepest muscle of the human body and has been described by some as the ‘Seat of the Soul’. As a stabilising core muscle it is used whenever you stand, walk or run. When in a seated position, the muscle is shortened and since we spend more and more time sitting, it is very common for this muscle to be chronically tight. On top of this, it’s relatively difficult to stretch compared with many other muscles and it can be uncomfortable to have released by a massage therapist however that just means that it is more important than ever to release and relax the psoas whenever and however you can!

Origin and Insertion

The psoas originates from the bodies an bases of the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5) and inserts into the lesser trochanter of the femur. In layman’s terms, it goes from the font of the lower back to the inside up the upper leg.

What actions does the Psoas perform?

The psoas performs hip flexion and lateral rotation of the femur (upper leg bone). It initiates the forward movement of the leg when walking in a rhythmic, swinging motion of the pelvis.

Common injuries

It is possible to strain the psoas or develop tendinitis however the dysfunction of the is often chronic tightness or spasm. A tight psoas is often associated with Lordosis. Because psoas issues often create pain in other parts of the body (lower back, groin, etc.) people are often unaware they have an issue there.

Best massage techniques for releasing the Psoas

The best way to release the psoas is with a pin and stretch or a positional release because it is very difficult to perform any kind of long stroke on this muscle since it is underneath the abdominal organs and inserts close to the groin. A passive stretch can also be performed by allowing the client’s leg to come off the side of the table and then hooking their foot with your leg to push the hip into greater extension.

I have a tight Psoas… How can I book a massage with you?

You can book a massage by calling 0449 264 980 or 

If you feel you have an issue with your Psoas, please mention it in the custom notes for the booking.