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It is always a joy and something of a relief to find a good massage therapist. I often find myself initially tensing when I first feel their hands – an inattentive or too rough or too gentle massage for me is a traumatic experience. Finding Oak was a gift. Oak has a soft and gentle demeanour to put you at ease and obviously knows his stuff. He is willing to work with you in a way that suits you and get to those tough areas with gentle firmness. My neck & shoulders (my tense area) felt so free as I walked out of the massage room. Highly recommend it.

Mira Rao – Business Coach, Consultant and Founder of Audacious Enterprise


Oak has been my massage therapist for a year and have found him to be highly intuitive, caring and professional in his practice. I found that I quickly became comfortable with him and welcomed his suggestion of using Raynor massage to release emotional and energetic blockages. I found the experience highly therapeutic and powerful in assisting the healing of deep emotional congestion and evokes an overall sense of well being and rejuvenation. Oak is very accommodating and holistic in his approach and I would recommend him to anybody seeking relief from physical, mental and emotional stresses.

Lauran Jenkins – Student of Sustainability at Murdoch University


I’ve been getting treatment from Oak for the last month. I’ve been getting a sports massage to correct issues I have when I run.

Oak worked on my flexibility, and corrected strained leg muscles, tight lower back and neck/shoulders. The massage was initially quite tough going (as true sports massages are!), but over the last few weeks my muscles have been relaxing. I now have greater flexibility than I’ve had in the last decade. As the massages progressed I began to enjoy the process. Oak was focused, thorough and gave me a lot of advice.

Oak’s approach is a combination of traditional medical based practices, and alternate therapies. He is highly knowledgeable on anatomy and the science of massage. He’s also got a full on out of this world alternate mindset!

Graeme Heath – Information Architect at Alyka


I am lucky to have been receiving massages from Oak for over five years now. This going back to the beginning when Oak’s interest in bodywork resulted in him training through multi-disciplinary schools and which culminates in the knowledge body he works from today. Aside from all his research into massage therapy, yoga, nutrition and presence, Oak is one of those people who just intuitively has ‘the touch’ even without certifications. I particularly recall an intensive period of yang style Raynor massages from Oak right at the beginning of his massage studies. I was seeking bodywork to facilitate the release of stagnant energy that remained from blockages I’d held in my body since childhood, which had culminated in recurring shoulder and hip pain. Oak recommended a series of intensive full body Raynor-style massages over the course of two months. I hadn’t heard of Raynor massage at that time but I had most definitely seen the transformative effect that it had on Oak when he returned from completing the course, so I was keen to try it. I am so glad I did! When working on deep seated conditionings from childhood it’s imperative to be in the presence of a therapist whom you trust, and I felt at all times that I was ‘in the right hands’ on Oak’s massage table. Those massages were some of the most life changing and empowering therapies I have ever been on the receiving end of, and led not only to direct healing of my body but also catalysed dramatic life changes for me. If you are a person who is serious about getting right to the roots of an issue you are experiencing in your body and you want to heal this issue on all levels, go and see Oak. If your body is a stalwart clinger to stagnant energies like mine seems to be, it might take a few massages for the healings to kick in but the results are worth every dollar!

Kelly Darragh – International Visual Artist


I have found Oak’s treatment as very helpful in obtaining relief from a calf issue I had for some time. He has great techniques which are pleasant and not so painful as with other therapists. His approach to treatment is gentle but skilful in his methods. I enjoyed the experience and highly recommend him to anyone.

Vic CoomberMyotherapist


While I’m there I’m dreading every moment. A day later I feel like a new man, Oak is a real professional and the man can work wonders. Highly recommended, second visit haven’t been more satisfied

Andrew Diep – Retail, Vodafone


Thanks again, I wanted to tell you there was a moment when you were working on my neck, when I felt it perfectly aligned again, as it would have been before the injury and many years of slow damage, it felt amazing, and gave me fresh hope I can improve it 🙂
I’ve had no pain, and it still feels good, even after a a lot of dancing on the weekend, haha.

M. Hannelle – Denmark, WA