The three categories of treatments that I offer:


A relaxation massage is a powerful investment in your well-being and health. If there is one thing most of us could do with a bit more of in our lives, it’s relaxation. Stress is a modern epidemic and over time it does lead to chronic disease in the body and mind. A regular massage is a great way to activate your relaxation response (para-sympathetic nervous system) and will leave you feeling good and looking great!


A remedial massage may involve an in depth health analysis, postural assessment, range of motion assessments and special tests to derive a specialised treatment plan to address your needs. You may also be recommended a home stretching plan to assist in your recovery and peak performance. This style of massage is usually selected by athletes, physically active people and those with specific injuries they wish to treat.

Techniques employed may include:


Most ancient cultures acknowledged that there was a basic life force energy operating in the universe and in all of us as human beings. The early forms of massage were utilised to clear any blockages in the energetic field of a being. Scientists now acknowledge that matter is a form of condensed energy. All observable phenomena are made up of energy. The idea of clearing energy blockages is now not so far fetched. Many people find this to be the deepest form of healing. The massage will focus on breath work and will investigate areas of the body that commonly store emotional tension such as the stomach, diaphragm, chest, neck, jaw, feet and hands.